International Relations


The Academy engages with agencies involved in the formulation of European science policy, works to inform our European colleagues of activities in Ireland and to promote the influence of Irish researchers. It has strong links with sister academies internationally and participates in significant international networks of learned societies and science academies. These networks provide a means for the collective voice of European scholarship and science to be heard, to provide evidence-informed advice to European and international policymakers and to promote the influence of Irish researchers and scholars. It is a founding member of EASAC, the European Academies Science Advisory Council, and a long-standing member of ALLEA, the federation of All European Academies.

The Academy provides funding for international activities and research through a series of agreements and grant schemes.

Current RIA nominees to International Science Working Groups

The Academy is well-placed to nominate and support the participation of Irish scholars and scientists in high-level international scientific working groups.

iCORDI Research Data Alliance - High Level Strategic Forum

RDA, the Research Data Alliance, aims to accelerate international data-driven innovation and discovery by facilitating research, data sharing and exchange, use and re-use, standards harmonisation, and discoverability. This will be achieved through the development and adoption of infrastructure, policy, practice, standards, and other deliverables.

RIA nominee: Dr. Sandra Collins, Director, Digital Repository of Ireland

EASAC Working Group on Scoping Science

Prof. Paul Callanan, School of Physics, University College Cork

EASAC Biosciences Steering Panel

RIA nominee: Professor Richard O’Kennedy, School of Biotechnology, Dublin City University

EASAC Energy Steering Panel

RIA nominee: Professor Mark O’Malley, MRIA, Director, Electricity Research Centre, UCD

EASAC Environment Steering Panel

RIA nominee: Professor John Sweeney, MRIA, (NUIG)

EASAC Working Group on Water and Marine Sustainability

RIA nominee: Professor Alan Dobson, Director, Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork

EASAC Working Group on Breakthroughs in Low Carbon Energy

RIA nominee: Professor Don MacElroy, School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, University College Dublin

EASAC Working Group on Planting the future: opportunities and challenges for sustainable crop development

RIA nominee: Dr Ewen Mullins, Teagasc

ALLEA E-Humanities Taskforce

Chair: Dr. Sandra Collins, Director, Digital Repository of Ireland (RIA nominee)

ALLEA Working Group on Humanities & Social Sciences within Horizon 2020

RIA nominees: Prof. Colm Lennon, RIA PL&A Secretary; Ms. S. Riordan, RIA Senior Policy Officer

ALLEA Working Group on Science Education

RIA nominee: Prof. Peter Mitchell, MRIA

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